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Frenzy Kite Technical Mountain Pack
Carbon Control Bar & Safety System Flying Lines
Manual & Safety Notice Kite Repair Kit
Kite Compression Strap Ozone Stickers
Ozone Keyring

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In 2003 Ozone released the Frenzy the first open-foil kite designed specifically for use on snow. The Frenzy has been a driving force behind Snow kiting, and the relatively unknown sport has developed with astonishing speed, spreading to untouched snow fields all around the globe and invading the imagination of the adrenaline deprived masses. Snow kiting, previously an obscure past time with a handful of practitioners, now threatens to break into the main stream as one of the most exciting new sports in the world today.

From the day of its inception the Frenzy has dominated the competition on the Snow Kite Winter Tour, culminating with Ozone Team Rider Guillaume Chastagnol (4th in the 1998 Winter Olympics in half-pipe) winning nearly every event and being crowned the 2003 and 2004 Snowkite Winter Tour World champion.

In these same two years the Frenzy has progressed from being an unknown design in a barely existent market, to being the Benchmark in a booming new sport, and the cutting edge of what we at Ozone like to call, the Foil Revolution.

Equally at home on snow, sand, or water, the Frenzy has opened up the future of backcountry travel, and has provided the foundation upon which freestyle snow kiting and land boarding is currently developing. The 4-line open-foil design has proven itself simple to use and easy to self-launch with no pre-inflation required. Foil Kite's not only have the performance edge for traction sports, but are the safest as well, since only a foil can be completely 100% de-powered if a rider is in danger.

After another year's development by the Ozone Designers and Riders, we have incorporated a number of improvements that will assure that the Frenzy 05 remains the undisputed Heavyweight Champion in the Foil Kiting world.

:: New Carbon control bar

The all-new 2005 Frenzy bar has moulded composite bar-ends and a unique oval shaped center hole that allows low friction on the chicken-loop line no matter what angle the bar is held. Line winders on the bar ends hold up to 30m of line and protect your hands during aggressive steering, while color coding allows for instantaneous left/right identification.

:: New Primary release safety system

In 2005 Ozone offers a unique safety feature - our 'ReLoad and Ride' Safety System. Pulling on an easy-to-grab plastic handle (tested to release with one hand up to a 350kg load) releases the front lines from the chicken loop and causes the kite to immediately stall to the ground where it can be easily controlled. Our 'ReLoad and Ride' system then allows you to easily reattach the lines (which are still connected to the bar) and then you are on your way again in seconds. This system also makes the Frenzy super simple to land - you just pull on the handle and the kite lands in front of you.

:: Improved De-power/ Speed System

The redesigned speed system improves the legendary Ozone handling on the Frenzy 05, with lighter bar pressure, a quicker turn rate for more speed, and greater 'pop' for jumping. Improvements include a stronger pulley with stainless steel bearings that guarantees silky smooth operation and will not jam, and thinner line for smoother handling and reduced drag.

:: Improved Materials For 2005

Ozone has been working in conjunction with Porcher Marine (one of the world's largest sail cloth manufacturer) to create new kite-specific materials for our industry. The result - a new high performance cloth that is double-coated for durability, and a new rib material that has been designed and tested to improve the overall strength and structural integrity of the Frenzy 05. These brand new materials along with Ozone's superior construction and quality make the Frenzy 05 one of the toughest kites ever made.

:: Improved Technical Mountain Pack

The redesigned Frenzy mountain pack has an increased volume which can now hold two kites plus control bars. Longer shoulder straps ensure a more comfortable fit, and a zip protector stops you from accidentally zipping up the kite.

:: Enhanced Stability and Performance

The Frenzy 05 has been improved and refined to create a foil that is both faster and more stable than before. Lighter bar pressure, a quicker turn, improved upwind performance, and the legendary Ozone handling guarantees that this season the Frenzy will still be the one to beat. Other features of the Frenzy 05 are unchanged including:

:: Superior Construction

The Frenzy 05 is made with the same superior construction features that are making Ozone kites legendary including:

Cell openings and a leading edge that are sewn with Mylar tape to protect your kite and stop any stretching, guaranteeing a kite that will hold its shape for the length of its lifetime.
Sheathed Dyneema lines to prevent stretching.
Line attachment tabs that are sewn deep into the reinforced areas of the ribs. This makes the tabs stronger, spreading the load over a larger area, and thus reducing the stretching of the cloth.
:: Ozone build and quality

At Ozone we are proud of the quality of our products, and are constantly searching for the best components and materials to use in our designs. All of our kites and accessories are manufactured in our own high-quality production facility in Vietnam (a rarity in this world where most kites are commissioned to-be-made in giant manufacturing facilities independent of the companies that design them) which guarantees a build quality that we are proud to put the Ozone name on. A close look at one of our kites reveals that same superior quality and construction, that ensures that every Ozone kite will enjoy a long life with consistent handling, performance, and aesthetics.

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