1 Octopus Kite, Rainbow Mollusc Flying Octopus Kite Colorful 3D Easy-flying Kite for Kids and Adults,kites for adults Beach and Summer Outdoor with 30 meters Flying Line and Spool


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  • Durable MMaterials:Our kites for children and adults are made of high quality materials.The shape is not easily damaged after prolonged use.Stability and lightweight kites allows your kite to soar in the blue sky regardless of strong or weak winds.It is the ideal travel games for kids.
  • Unique Design & easy operation:Our octopus kite adopts 3D design the tail is made of multiple ribbons the cartoon mini elastic kite uses the elastic force of the rubber band to help the kite take off just press the rubber band with your thumb pull the kite backward and the kite will take off after releasing it. No framework so packs away easily into a small bag.As an outdoor toys and beach toys it can be carried around without taking up too much space.
  • Easy to Install: The soft octopus kite is made of high-strength and tear-resistant polyester fabric without a stick to support. It is absolutely safe for kids. For kite beginners the impact with the ground is not easy to cause damage due to unskilled operation.Supplied with swivel pin for easy connection and removal of kite string and octopus kite.
  • Easy to Fly Kite:Kites for kids adults are easy to assemble and easy to fly.Suitable for using in open areas girls and boys’ kites toys can be flown at the beach grass fields or inland locations. It is ideal for all ages including children teenagers adults and elders.Very nice beach toys.
  • Ideal Outdoor Toy: This kite is perfect for outdoor activities such as beach trips park outings or picnics. It provides a fun and healthy way to spend time with your family and friends and also promotes physical and mental well-being.