210 PCS Fishing Rolling Swivel with Solid Ring Tackle, Black Nickel Stainless Steel High Strength Fishing Swivel Accessory Connectors Freshwater Saltwater 2# 4# 6# 7# 8# Strong Pull High Speed


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  • 【Comprehensive Fishing Swivel Set】Our 210-piece fishing swivel kit is an essential addition to your tackle box. These high-strength swivels cater to a wide range of fishing scenarios ensuring you’re equipped for every adventure.
  • 【Superior Material & Construction】Crafted from black nickel stainless steel our swivels exhibit exceptional durability and strength. They resist corrosion even in saltwater conditions promising reliable performance trip after trip.
  • 【Versatile Size Range】This kit includes swivels in sizes 2# 4# 6# 7# 8# allowing you to adapt your tackle setup to the conditions and target species. From trout fishing in a serene lake to battling saltwater gamefish you’ll have the right tool for the task.
  • 【Smooth & Efficient Performance】Featuring a rolling design these swivels enable unrestricted rotation reducing line twist and enhancing your casting efficiency. Whether you’re angling at high speed or slow trolling these swivels optimize your chances of a successful catch.
  • 【Broad Application Spectrum】Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing our swivels serve a multitude of angling styles. From inshore fishing for bass and carp to offshore deep-sea expeditions these swivels are your trustworthy companions.