9KM DWLIFE 100% Kevlar Braided Line(100lbs 100ft) Black Braided Cord string Rope Kite line/Camping Cordage/Fishing Tackle Assist/Model Rocket Heat Cut Resistant 0.5mm~3.5mm


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  • Kevlar Braided Line: 100% Dupont Kevlar fiber Multi-strands interweaving braid process not easy to unravel.Robust and extremely versatile.The black kevlar line design better blends wild and harsh environments and keeps items looking good.
  • High temperature resistance:Kevlar cord is one of the most heat resistant wires. Kevlar begins to decompose (turns to ash) around 800F. Much higher than nylon or polyester.
  • Cut Resistant: Helps avoid accidental breakage due to prolonged friction or contact with sharp-edged objects.Sturdy yet lightweight it’s easy to take with you on your outdoor outings.
  • Multi-scene application:Different tension and different lengths to meet your various needs.Including kites line model rocketry camping utility cord hiking equipment fixing DIY projects construction workTactical Survival,decoration etc.
  • Safe Working Load Limit: 90% of the tensile strength for the longevity of the cord and safe uses.Please select the appropriate size and length to ensure safe and smooth use!