Aihomego Colourful Butterfly Kites for Kids, 1 Pack Large Lightweight Flying Butterfly Kite for Children and Adults, Easy Fly in Strong or Light Winds in the Park, Purple Butterfly Kite for Girls


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  • Specially designed for Dragon Lovers – This giant butterfly dragon has a vibrant image and a colourful pattern that looks like a huge butterfly in the sky. In addition bright colour and simple structure make it suitable for most butterfly lovers children and adults to fly kites in parks beaches or lawns.
  • HUGE SIZE & UNIQUE DESIGN – The size of this butterfly kite is 130*60cm and the kite string is 80m long. In addition the dragon handle is easy to grip and the butterfly motif is so striking that it stands out among many dragons.
  • High quality and durability: made of high-strength nylon fabric and flexible fibreglass rods with additional reinforcement the kite fabric is tear-resistant and the frame is stable. The kite frame is sturdy and does not break even if it falls on the ground.
  • This butterfly kite is easy to assemble you just need to put the fixed pole in the correct position. It is also faster to fly than other kites.
  • Kite climbing is an interesting activity for children and adults. It can keep them away from computers and mobile phones promote creative thinking and attention and help you spend a pleasant time with your children and family.