Aihomego HMG-003 Kite for Kids, Diamond


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  • Premium Quality– Made from high-quality tear-resistant polyester fabric and a strong fiber glass rod. Even if withstand multiple accidents and water for countless hours of flying time that way long lasting fun is guaranteed.
  • Best Flying Ability– The classic rainbow diamond kite has excellent light and medium wind flight characteristics and is well stabilized by the tail of the strip even in strong winds. It can fly easily in strong or light winds even children can let it fly and build concentration and confidence while enjoying the joy of taking off.
  • Great Outdoor Activity– Technology may rule today’s youth but nothing beats getting outside for some physical activity. Take our kite with you to the park the beach or the backyard Let the children run jog play enjoy the sun and stay active.
  • Practicality–The kite is easy to assemble and hold also comes with carrying bag for easy storage it can be folded in small size. This kite is very light and portable and travel-friendly.
  • All Inclusive– The kite with the dimensions 74x65cm (additionally eight stripe tails with a length of 105cm) is delivered with 80 meters kite string and an easy-to-control handle. Its vibrant colors and towering for the whole world to see!