aolongwl kite 2.5m Red Dual Line Parafoil Kite WithFlying Tools Power Braid Sailing Kitesurf Rainbow Sports Beach


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  • Create memories-your child will have time in his life to fly this unique kite with you! This triangular kite has a long line and is easy to fly and its iridescent colors look spectacular under the blue sky.
  • Durable and durable-this colorful kite is made of the highest quality materials including weather-resistant tear-resistant fabrics and strong soft fiberglass rods with additional reinforcement!
  • Get active – Tired of children sitting around playing video games or watching TV? Kite flying is a fun activity that enhances coordination strength and critical thinking. For example children will run to launch and restore beautiful kites!
  • Easy flying – Whether you are in the park beach wild or anywhere else Stoie’s Kite is perfect for boys girls children children and adults to fly. This kite is really suitable for everyone. It is stable in the air and easy to launch.
  • The Best Flight Features: The classic kite shape has excellent light and medium wind flight characteristics and is well stabilized by the tail of the strip even in strong winds.Bright colors and nice curve designs makes it beautiful.