Asarly Slingshot Kite for Kids, 1pcs Children’s Thumb Ejection Kite, Funny Outdoor Lawn Playing – Race to see whose kite can fly farther


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  • Super fun kites: unique kites easy and novel for all ages unlike traditional big kites that require skills to fly into the sky. So this kind of children’s toy with a kick-out function can fly into the air with simple force the mini kite can fly about 20m you don’t need to run against the wind very fast to fly the kite into the sky save effort and get more pleasure.
  • Enjoy happy time: One child or more can also play with these kites together race to see who can fly the furthest it would be nice if parents and children play together it helps to improve the relationship between parents and children. Let your child get close to nature run happily exercise physical coordination and explore knowledge such as kite flying skills and aerodynamics.
  • Easy to use: The slingshot kite is easy to play. Pull the mini kite towards you choose the right angle and let go this catapult kite will fly making it easy and fun even for kids to play. Please note that children under the age of 4 must be accompanied by an adult and are strictly prohibited from jumping on the human body.
  • Abundant playing occasions: A great toy to play with when camping picnicking traveling or in wide outdoor areas squares parks gardens beaches and other places. Anytime anywhere all year round in any vast area.
  • High-quality material: The top of the kite is made of polyester cloth which helps make this fun toy durable. The thick elastic band is not easy to break. The durable padded lattice is waterproof and high-quality mini kites made of all these materials are also the perfect birthday gift or children’s toy.