Bemodst Outdoor Kite String Reel Winder Diameter 7 Inches, with 200m Kite String Reel Lock Function, Anti-Reverse Crystal Wheel,Suitable for Children/Teen (Dark Blue)


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  • 7-Inch Kite String Reel: The dark blue reel has a 200-meter long durable string. The kite string has been wound on the winder and can be used as soon as it is received allowing the kite to challenge the higher sky. Children can see the height of the kite flying on the sand or on the beach. Therefore they will not be entangled or tripped over by the thread.
  • Safe Children’s Outdoor Toys: The kite winder is made of ABS plastic safe and odorless wear-resistant strong impact resistance and can withstand normal drops or bumps. The surface is smooth there are no burrs the opponent is very safe and it can be used by children and adults beginners and professionals.
  • Safe Locking Device: A rotary switch with a card slot can absolutely lock the reel. The reel achieves practical value: free rotation-absolute locking avoiding the entanglement of the kite string. Unlock the kite reel winder connect the kite to the rotating clamp and use the lock to stop the cable routing. Young children can handle it by themselves.
  • Kite Wire Winder: Specially designed ergonomic fully functional suitable for kite lovers from teenagers to adults from beginners to professionals! Perfect Christmas gifts/birthday gifts/Children’s Day/holiday gifts.
  • Satisfactory Customer Service:Bemodst provides you with 100% satisfactory customer service. If you have any questions about receiving the goods you can consult us in time and our professional team will reply as soon as possible. No one doesn’t like flying kites add to the shopping cart let us fly kites and fly dreams!