Butterfly Dragon Flying Kite for Children and Adults (Pink)


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  • This butterfly dragon has been redesigned by Mint’s Colourful Life. It is suitable for most butterfly lovers children and adults. The image is more colourful brighter more beautiful and the most brilliant! The structure is more simple and useful.
  • It is a high quality kite. 210T nylon cloth updated dragon handle with 300 ft / 50 lbs cord lifelike printing work good looking both in the sky and on the ground. With cheaper ones this is different.
  • Easy to fly and assemble and have more fun with this kite. Try lots of fun with your boys girls and the whole family. As we know a butterfly kite is not as easy to fly and assemble as this delta or diamond dragon. We have updated the structure it is easier to assemble and fly.
  • 40 inches x 30 inches kite with 118 inches ribbons fold into only 18 inches durable and good-looking package simple and useful instructions (English language not guaranteed) make the perfect gift Cometa for your wonderful travel or family beach holiday.
  • Newly introduced get the Super Boni from Mint’s Colourful Life! 2 year accessory replacement free replacement for your lost kite… ready to take a fantastic kite?