CIM Kite Set – Maya Eddy [2 Pcs red/blue] – single line kite for children from the age of 3 years up – 65x74cm – incl. 80m kite string and 2x250cm striped tails


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  • DELIVERY IN SET OF 2 – Included in the set are our highly successful kites – Maya Eddy Blue and Maya Eddy Red. Both kites are delivered with striped tails and one kite string each.
  • SIMPLE AND HIGH QUALITY – the child-friendly single-line kite – sewn from tear-resistant polyester canvas and equipped with break-proof fiberglass rods – can be assembled without any problems and is easy to fly – the perfect beginner kite for children from the age of 3 years up!
  • OUTSTANDING FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS – due to the classic diamond kite shape and the light frame the kite can be flown in light wind from 1 BFT – the colorful loop tail stabilizes the kite in stronger wind up to 5 BFT.
  • WOW- AND LEARNING EFFECT – the fascinating moment when the kite rises into the air remains unforgettable for children! The child learns playfully how the wind works – improves his coordination skills and experiences a great sense of achievement as soon as it starts and controls the kite.
  • ALL COMPLETE – the kite with the measurements 65x74cm (two additional 250cm long striped tails included) is delivered with sufficiently long kite string on a handle suitable for children.