Diamond-shaped kite, with storage bag and line board, rainbow long-tailed kite, suitable for adults and children, suitable for outdoor activities such as parks, beaches, picnics, camping, etc.


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  • 🪁[Includes]: 1 diamond-shaped kite with a size of 64*74cm (the kite has 8 tails about 105cm long) 1 pvc storage bag 80m kite line and a handle that can wrap the kite line.
  • 🪁[durable material]: The kite is made of high-quality plaid fabric and glass fiber reinforced plastic skeleton which is not easy to tear and wear and is made by hand.
  • 🪁[Simple operation]: The three-way bracket makes the assembly of the kite extremely simple and children can assemble it by themselves; the lightweight material allows the kite to take off in weak winds.
  • 🪁[Stable flight]: The triangular structure of the kite the sturdy support rod and the long tail strip allow the kite to fly stably in strong or light winds so that children can enjoy happiness in the process of flying the kite.
  • 🪁[Stimulate interest]: Kites are the best toys to stimulate children to outdoor activities. They accompany children to fly kites in yards parks and beaches to enjoy the joy of the sun and running together.