Dingbear 1pcs Simple Flying Kite, Dragonfly Kite, Suitable For Children And Adults, Outdoor Games And Beach Park Activities


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  • 1. Each product includes: 1pcs 100-meter kite strings; 160*52*120cm dragonfly kite
  • 2. Durable and durable: This colorful kite is made of the best quality materials including weather-resistant tear-resistant waterproof fabrics and fiberglass rods with additional reinforcement!
  • 3. Parent-child time: Your child will spend his lifetime flying this unique kite with you! These three kinds of kites are easy to fly and they look spectacular against the blue sky.
  • 4. Get active: Tired of children sitting around playing video games or watching TV? Kite flying is a fun activity that can cultivate coordination strength and critical thinking.
  • 5. Fast and easy to assemble: Parents and children will love to make this beautiful high-flying kite you will be able to snap it together and start flying right away! After finishing just pull it apart for convenient storage.