emma kites 100% Black Braided Kevlar Cord 100Ft 200Lb High Strength Flame Resistant for Fishing Backpacking Survival Model Rocket Wind Chime Outdoor Utility Cord


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  • Black Braided Kevlar cords made of 100% Dupont Black Kevlar Yarn by Dupont Company is of super high strength high toughness excellent resistance to cut / abrasion widely used in outdoor activities fishing hiking & camping rescue survival repair & restring and other general purposes.
  • Built in braided constructions. In comparison to twisted lines braided cords enhance tensile strength possess nicer hand touching and tend to better resist end raveling.
  • Inherently Flame Resistant withstanding extreme temperatures up to 800 °F / 427 °C! To build shock lines parachute systems for model rockets or replace/upgrade wicks of torches/lamp Kevlar cords are the unbeatable choice for you to fulfill flame-resistant demands and for applications in high temperatures.
  • Reliable Survival Cord in the wild! Highly abrasion/friction resistant Kevlar cord is used as highly efficient cords friction saw to help escape from plastic zip ties ropes or tapes and cut through various materials including woods plastic tubes nylon polyesters to complete projects. In the binding fastening and wrapping jobs Kevlar line/cord largely reduces risks of unexpected snaps providing assured protection especially when in direct contact with sharp edges.
  • High tensile strength cordages in lightweight 10X greater than steel on an equal weight basis. Wound on compact rolls that are small enough to carry on person and offer easy and fast deployment when you need it. Multi-use tool for your daily life a must carry-on gear in your EDC kit. Applications are not limited to kites tent guylines bear bagging repairing fishing assist line speargun shooting snare wires trip lines. Tensile strengths are tested in accordance with ISO 2307 by SGS.