emma kites 100% UHMWPE Braided Cord 100Ft High Strength Low Stretch Utility Cord Guy Ropes 0.8mm for Tent Guyline Tarp Hammock Ridgeline 220Lb, Orange


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  • 100% UHMWPE Braided Cord with endless uses for outdoor applications. 100Lb ~ 2200Lb high strength provided hollow braid spliceable for making whoopie slings. High adaption to wild outdoor environment widely used as guy line ridgeline for tent tarp rain fly and hammock powerful cord at hand when camping compact utility cord or paracord for backpacking survival emergency hunting boating fishing etc.
  • LEAST STRETCH !! Stretch annoys much in hauling rigging and other applications. UHMWPE almost has no stretch under working load. This feature really does a great help in saving labors.
  • HIGH STRENGTH-TO-WEIGHT RATIO !! Made of 100% UHMWPE fiber (UHMWPE is known as different trade names like dyneema spectra by different manufacturers) yields highest strength in lightest weight 15 times stronger than steel by weight. Holds greatest energy in lightest weight! Weighs much less than nylon and polyester cord also much less bulkier excellent for outdoor carry.
  • UV RESISTANT !! UHMWPE retains its super performance after long-term exposure to UV. Extremely high resistance to UV enhanced by PU coating over the cords superior to Aramid (Kevlar Technora Twaron) and to most high-tech fibers. Qualified for most outdoor applications especially as the best repair cords for marine uses.
  • TOUGH IN WILD LIFE !! UHMWPE is capable to resist intense abrasion and wear during use exceling most as whipping twine to bind rope ends and spliced eyes for extra security; durable stitching cord for webbings; tough sewing thread and repair cord for heavy canvas tarps backpacks load-bearing equipment; Emergency fishing line and utility cords outdoors.