HUGE Fighter Plane Kite for Kids and Adults- 58″Wide with long tail- Easy Flyer – Kit Line and Swivel Included- Good for beach kite for children


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  • A BEAUTIFUL KITE is a natural conversation starter – an excuse to create happy memories with kids or friends. Kite flying develops creative thinking and concentration of kids.
  • KITE FLYING CONNECTS US TO NATURE. especially the sky and the wind and values as a cardio workout. It’s good exercise for your eyes focusing near and far all the time.
  • Watching a kite drift across the sky it’s easy to become enthralled by the present moment temporarily letting go of yesterday’s headaches and tomorrow’s deadlines.
  • Single-line Fighter Plane Kite Size 58″ (147cm) Wide x 42″ (107cm) Long with tails ripstop polyester fabric and durable polyester rods. Kids friendly handle with 200 ft (60m) line and swvel which makes kite easy to connect.
  • EASY ASSEMBLE AND FLY. This kite was designed as a beginner kite. Easy assemble and fly. Lifetime guartee is provided. Order now and you can get one in one day.