Huge Diamond Kite for Kids, Easy Flyer Rainbow Kites for Children and Adults, Beach and Summer Outdoor Toy with 50 meters Flying Line and Spool, Durable Nylon Kite with Fiberglass Rods for Beginners


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  • DIAMOND KITES FOR ALL AGES – A 47 x 39 inches kite that can be played by both kids and adults age 3 to 80. A highly enjoyable boys and girls kite that’s also good for beginners and even pros. Infinitely fun ideal for learning basic kite flying and best for casual kite fliers. Fly it everywhere: in the backyard at the park and beach during spring summer and autumn.
  • EASY TO FLY RAINBOW KITES – Easy flyer kites that flies easily with moderate air. It flies with have the wind speed of other kites. It also fliers with no running start needed. Stays longer in the air without falling or losing flight. Also comes in a storage bag so it can be brought anywhere and stored it anytime.
  • WELL MADE KITES – Made from sturdy and tough ripstop polyester fabric that doesn’t easily rip or tear. The bracing rods are made from durable and slightly bendy fiberglass so it doesn’t easily break or snap. The stitching around the kites between the fabric and specially the pole pockets are secure and hard wearing that doesn’t easy fray. It also comes with a thick flying line string and is very easy to assemble.
  • FOR KIDS ON ALL OCCASIONS – A brightly colored rainbow kite that’s very visible from high up the sky. It’s very appealing and exciting to children. The size is good and easily manageable for young kids and teens. . Because of it’s polyester and fiberglass materials it can withstand multiple crashes and water. It easily dries off and can be flown over and over again. At 0.4 pounds this kite is very light very portable and travel friendly.
  • FUN GIFT – kite is the ideal gift for birthdays Christmas and other holidays. It is also a good party decoration or as a party favors.