Novelty Large Stunt Kite for Kids and Adults – Easy Flying Kite Toy for Children Outdoor Activities, Beach Games and Family Outings – 135*70cm with 60m string line


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  • DAY OUT ACTIVITIES FOR ADULTS AND KIDS? – Try these well made kids kites for children and adults they are easy flyer kites and will launch the moment it leaves your hands soaring like an airplane. Requiring minimal power it is a perfect kite for kids and their little hands. Not just kites & flying toys for kids so much joy it can bring to adults and children alike. Ideal beach games for children kids travel activity packs and kids outdoor toys.
  • IRRESISTIBLE PRESENT – Inspired by Red Arrows – the British aerobatic display team this kite features striking bold colours and a stunning 2m tail. Using high quality materials this friendly outdoor toy can be enjoyed all year round. Ideal gifts for birthdays Christmas etc… Light and travel friendly fly this kite anywhere with open-air space such as: the park the hill or camping trips with families. Supplied with a compact carrier case with folding instructions.
  • FLY LIKE A PRO – Made from high-quality tear resistant polyester fabric and a strong fibre-glass rod it can withstand certain force and falls. The symmetrical shape with long tails will stabilise the kite quickly in the air. To the excitement of your children this kite can go up 60m high in the air. To up your game let the kite soar high to the clouds and enjoy all the sensations it brings!
  • FAVOURITES OF ALL AGES – A friendly outdoor toy that can be enjoyed by the whole family: toddler kids teens and adults boys and girls. Away from indoor screens flying kite simply invites our minds to immerse in the moment and enjoy this extraordinary kite. Launch the kite and reminisce the childhood memories while creating new ones with family and friends. It will be amazing to see how much joy it can bring to parents and children alike.
  • PACK AND GO – All you need to get your kite off the ground are in one carrying case: kite handle and string line. Take just 5 minutes to assemble the kite will be ready to launch and fly! Foldable to small size when you finish it can be brought anywhere and enjoyed again anytime. Flying kite is truly a friendly activity that many can enjoy.